CEST Time (Europe) MDT Time (US) Monday, 8 June Tuesday, 9 June Wednesday, 10 June
1:00-2:30pm 5:00-6:30am BITA 2020 DigEx-2020 BSCT 2020 Workshops
2:30-4:00pm 6:30-8:00am iCRM 2020 QOD 2020
4:00-5:30pm 8:00-9:30am Opening (15 min)
Smart Infrastructures 1
Big Data Applications 1 BIS sessions
5:30-7:00pm 9:30-11:00am Smart Infrastructures 2 Artificial Intelligence Applications 2
7:00-8:30pm 11:00-12:30am Data security Social Media ICT Project Mgt

Guidelines for presenters

  • Each paper should be presented online by at least one author according to the schedule.
  • Presentation should be shared directly from a computer of the presenter via the online system.
  • Please send a copy of your presentation (pdf or PowerPoint) till 5th June 2020 entitiled with the number of your paper to email: contact@bisconf.org In case of any technical problem with screen sharing, this version will be presented to the audience.
  • For each paper we reserve 20 min. We suggest to divide it as follows: 15 min for presentation and 5 min for Q&A.
  • Information about an online system will be distributed to all registered participants shortly before the conference.

BIS sessions

Data Security

Monday, 8 June 7:00-8:30pm CEST (Europe) 11:00-12:30am MDT (US)

  • The Black Mirror: What Your Mobile Phone Number Reveals about You
  • Legal requirement elicitation, analysis and specification for a Data Transparency System

Big Data and Data Science

Monday, 9 June 4:00-5:30pm CEST (Europe) 8:00-9:30am MDT (US)

  • REM sleep stage detection of Parkinson’s disease patients with RBD
  • Towards an Automatized Way for Modeling Big Data System Architectures
  • Empowering Domain Experts to Preprocess Massive Distributed Datasets
  • Efficient Construction of Behavior Graphs for Uncertain Event Data

Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday, 9 June 5:30-7:00pm CEST (Europe) 9:30-11:00am MDT (US)

  • A Novel Multi-agent-based Chatbot Approach to Orchestrate Conversational Assistants
  • Real-time Detection of Unusual Customer Behavior in Retail Using LSTM Autoencoders
  • Computer vision for the ballet industry: a comparative study of methods for pose recognition
  • Specific Language Impairment Detection through Voice Analysis

ICT Project Mgt

Wednesday, 10 June 7:00-8:30pm CEST (Europe) 11:00-12:30am MDT (US)

  • Influence of Relationship Capability on Project Performance of Post-merger IS Integration
  • The Role of Openness and Extension Modularization in Value Capture for Platform-Based Digital Transformation

Applications 1

Wednesday, 10 June 4:00-5:30pm CEST (Europe) 8:00-9:30am MDT (US)

  • Supporting Automatic System Dynamics Model Generation for Simulation in the Context of Process Mining
  • Data-Driven Process Choreography Execution on the Blockchain: A Focus on Blockchain Data Reusability
  • An Architecture for Multi-Chain Business Process Choreographies
  • Discovering Business Area Effects To Process Mining Analysis Using Clustering and Influence Analysis

Applications 2

Wednesday, 10 June 5:30-7:00pm CEST (Europe) 9:30-11:00am MDT (US)

  • Correlating Data Objects in Fragment-Based Case Management
  • Detecting Tax Evasion using TrustRank and Spectral Clustering
  • Countering Congestion: A White-label Platform for the Last Mile Parcel Delivery
  • Supporting the Development and Realization of Data-driven Business Models with Enterprise Architecture Modeling and Management

Social Media

Tuesday, 9 June 7:00-8:30pm CEST (Europe) 11:00-12:30am MDT (US)

  • Just Fun and Games? Utilitarian and Hedonic Chatbot Perceptions and Their Role for Continuance Intentions
  • BIG-SWSDM: BIpartite Graph based Social Web Service Discovery Model
  • Modeling Customer Interactions based on Multiple Instance Similarities and Complex Networks.
  • Novel version of PageRank, CheiRank and 2DRank for Wikipedia in Multilingual Network using Social Impact

Smart Infrastructures 1

Monday, 8 June 4:00-5:30pm CEST (Europe) 8:00-9:30am MDT (US)

  • Production Planning and Control (PPC) system architecture for the use in networked additive manufacturing (AM) facilities
  • A Model Management Platform for Industry 4.0 – Enabling Management of Machine Learning Models in Manufacturing Environments
  • Challenges of Data Management in Industry 4.0: A Single Case Study using the Material Retrieval Process

Smart Infrastructures 2

Monday, 8 June 5:30-7:00pm CEST (Europe) 9:30-11:00am MDT (US)

  • Complementor Satisfaction with Boundary Resources in IoT Ecosystems
  • Internet-of-Things Marketplaces: State-of-the-Art and the Role of Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Avoiding Vendor-Lockin in Cloud Monitoring using Generic Agent Templates


BITA 2020 – 11th Workshop on Business and IT Alignment

Monday, 8 June 1:00-2:30pm CEST (Europe) 5:00-6:30am MDT (US)

  • Incremental Modeling Method of Supply Chain for decision-making support
  • Data Quality Assessment — a use case from the maritime domain
  • Digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises: An analysis of the state of research
  • Impact of New Mobility Services on Enterprise Architectures: Case Study and Initial Requirements

BSCT 2020 – 3rd Workshop on Blockchain and Smart Contract Technologies

Wednesday, 10 June 1:00-4:00pm CEST (Europe) 5:00-8:00am MDT (US)

  • A Blacklisting Smart Contract
  • How Much Identity Management with Blockchain Would Have Saved Us? A Longitudinal Study of Identity Theft
  • Volatility and Value at Risk of Crypto Versus Fiat Currencies
  • Modeling Smart Contracts with Probabilistic Logic Programming
  • SharedWealth: Disincentivizing Mining Pools through Burning and Minting
  • Analysing and Predicting the Adoption of Anonymous Transactions in Cryptocurrencies
  • Mitigating Risks within Ethereum-based Electricity Market Smart Contracts
  • Central Banks Digital currency: issuing and integration scenarios in the monetary and payment system
  • Crowdfunding With Periodic Milestone Payments Using a Smart Contract to Implement Fair E-Voting

DigEx-2020 – 2nd International Workshop on Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

Tuesday, 9 June 1:00-2:30pm CEST (Europe) 5:00-6:30am MDT (US)

  • Usability Evaluation of Virtual Reality Based Fire Training Simulator Using a Combined AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Approach
  • How do movie preferences affect e-commerce purchases? An empirical study on Amazon
  • Benefits of the technology 4.0 used in the supply chain – bibliometric analysis and aspects deferring digitization

iCRM 2020 – 5th International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis in Integrated Social CRM

Monday, 8 June 2:30-4:00pm CEST (Europe) 6:30-8:00am MDT (US)

  • Outsourcing of Social CRM Services in German SMEs
  • Social CRM: literature review based on keywords network analysis
  • Social CRM Tools: A Systematic Mapping Study
  • Financial Institutions and Use of Social Media: an analysis of the largest banks in the USA and Europe
  • Customer-Focused Churn Prevention With Social CRM

QOD 2020 – 3rd Workshop on Quality of Open Data

Tuesday, 9 June 2:30-4:00pm CEST (Europe) 6:30-8:00am MDT (US)

  • Analyzing OpenStreetMap Contributions atScale: Introducing osm-interactions tilesets
  • Synthesizing Quality Open Data Assets from Private Health Research Studies
  • Models for Quality Assessment of Arabic Web Documents
  • Open Data Quality Dimensions and Metrics: State of the Art and Applied Use Cases
  • Materia: A Data Quality Control Embedded Domain Specific Language in Python
  • Enhancing the interactive visualisation of a data preparation tool from in-memory fitting to Big Data sets